A Bright Future for CNC Manufacturing

A Bright Future for CNC Manufacturing

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is the automated control of countless machines, tools, equipment, and 3D printers.  According to Zion Market research the global CNC machine market place will reach over 100 billion by 2025, an increase of over 30 billion and a 6.8% gain from today’s fantastic highs.  Now, that’s a bright future!

CNC machines have earned unmatched importance due to their cutting-edge advantages, such as precision, timely performance delivery, and substantial cost saving. With so many various industries using CNC applications extensively to operate, and with the analysis of projected future growth for the industry, there’s currently a huge demand for CNC programmers in both the United States and abroad. Highly skilled CNC programmers with experience working with CAD/CAM, SolidWorks and/or MasterCam are needed now.  

Titan Gilroy – the owner of Titans of CNC, Inc., in Rocklin, California believes CNC machining is the pinnacle of manufacturing and he’s doing everything in his power to teach new generations this highly coveted skill set.  His company not only focuses on making high-grade aerospace parts, it also transitioned into a very successful reality TV series and has recently become a global pioneer with Titans of CNC Academy – a FREE and educational platform recognized and utilized by a global network of engineers, machinists, hobbyists, students, and educators. Gilroy employs an academy staff handpicked from the best-of-the-best in the industry. Here’s a video clip of Gilroy discussing the future of CNC manufacturing on Fox Business.

With such a promising future, the CNC manufacturing industry could be poised to become a 3 trillion dollar industry, while creating more than 2 million U.S. manufacturing jobs over the next 10 years .

However, there are two factors that could limit such a rosy outlook.  The first would be a drop in significant capital investment and the second because of a lack of skilled workers to program and monitor CNC machines. Considering all the analytical data and with innovators like Titan Gilroy leading the next generation, CNC manufacturing does appear destined to succeed.  

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