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Camel Carts Recycle Coolant

An ingenious solution

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention” or better yet, “Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions”. Well, I’d say, Camel Carts fall under both descriptions and have already proven to be an ingenious solution to several problems machine shop owners face each and every day.

Recycle cutting fluid continuously

The first and foremost solution Camel Carts address is recycling coolant from chip bins that catch metal chip debris from under CNC machine conveyors.  Their tag line, “More Profit, Less Waste”, defines this application perfectly. Recycling in the 21st century is now understood to not only be a strong ethical standard, but great fiscal company policy too. Camel Carts help shop owners save money by recycling coolant one drop at a time. There’s nothing to plugin or fuel up because Camel Carts employ gravity to work their magic. Just as their name implies, Camel Carts are strong, durable, efficient, and a great multi-purpose tool for any machine shop.  Camel Carts allow manufacturers using CNC machines the ability to recycle cutting fluid continuously saving them both money and time. 

Increase productivity

The second, yet almost equal benefit Camel Carts generate is a more efficient work space, saving machine operator’s valuable time.  “If you are inefficient, you have a right to be afraid of the consequences.” – Murad S. Shah.  Just like this quote states, in today’s competitive market place companies cannot afford poor time management.  Ineffective time allocation doesn’t just waste your time, it wastes money too.  Productivity is affected; goals and deadlines can be missed, not to mention overall disorganization can really plague a business and its employees.  Camel Carts are designed to solve both these very important issues.

Simplify workflow & boost efficiency

In today’s modern shops, businesses spend hundreds to thousands of dollars lubricating their machines. Let me ask you a simple question, if you saw a twenty dollar bill on the ground, would you pick it up? Of course you would, who wouldn’t?  So why waste that kind of money every day? Camel Carts were created to simplify workflow, boost efficiency and lower coolant costs. It’s just that simple. So, if you’re a shop owner, a business manager, or CNC operator – do yourself and your company a favor and check out today, and start saving money one drop at a time. You should also go directly to their ROI calculator page and type in your average cost per gallon of coolant and the number of machines you operate to see what kind of savings you can expect and just how fast your ROI will be. Once you’ve reached your particular return on investment, it will be like finding free money every day, bringing a BIG smile to you, your customers, your employees, and of course your bottom line.

One thought on “Camel Carts Recycle Coolant

  1. Evan says:

    After investing in Camel Carts, we are seeing more then a significant return in recaptured coolant. As a business owner, I was not truly aware of how much coolant was being thrown away with our chips. All of our machines have steel hinge conveyors and they eat through coolant at an alarming rate. After I became aware that 2 to 3 drops of coolant drips from each conveyor every second it is running and what that translates to, I was amazed at the recovery rate of the Camel Cart! I had them installed on all 20 of our CNC Mills and now we see in excess of 10 gallons a day recovered. Everyday when I tour the plant floor and see how organized it looks with a concise chip recovery system and I see that we are saving over $40per day in coolant, I’m pleased that we got rid of our 55gal drums we used to use for recovery. These carts work so well and keep my staff engaged with each CNC Machine. When the buckets fill up, the operator knows that he needs to attend to the coolant level in the mill. I can’t believe what a difference these are making in cost reduction, but also in machine maintenance and esthetic appeal of the floor!

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